Sometimes I am My Own Worst Enemy

I can be frightfully inconsistent over a season. From weeks when I don’t miss a single or shorten a single workout and my nutrition is pretty dialed in, to weeks when I skip a few workouts, or I half-ass workouts, and I can’t seem to stop eating EVERYTHING IN SIGHT, they’re all a part of me.

This was a less-than-stellar week. Truth be told, I kind of set myself up for a less-than-stellar week. I ran a half marathon on February 27th. I am running a 10K on March 12th (tomorrow). I wanted to give my legs a break after the HM, and I knew I didn’t want to run much the week of the 10K. That ended up becoming two weeks of half-assed workouts or no workouts at all.

My job conspired against me as well – although it is not as responsible for my sloth as I’d like to claim. My office received a case from a neighboring county. The Prosecutor’s Office in that county couldn’t prosecute the case because of a conflict of interest. (One of the victims is the child of one of the employees in that office.) I’d asked for two days for the trial, even though I was confident I’d need less than one day. The trial was scheduled for March 8th & 9th, Tuesday & Wednesday of this week.

That meant I couldn’t ride my bike home from work Monday evening, because I was leaving straight from my house Tuesday morning. Also, I wanted to be fully prepared to spend Tuesday night in the town where I was trying the case, so my truck was loaded with stuff. I could have brought my bike along with me, but I didn’t want to deal with the logistics of driving over there, and driving around town, with my bike in the truck. The hotel where I planned to stay has a stationary bike in its fitness center. If you know me, you know how unlikely I am to EVER ride a stationary bike, but it was a worthy goal.

I also brought along swim gear, as I planned to swim in the pools small-but-not-tiny pool.

And then we had the trial.

I rested my case just before noon Tuesday. I fully believed we’d be done by 3:30 that afternoon. We weren’t. We recessed a little before four. I decided to spend the night, even though it’s only a little over an hour between my home & the courthouse. I wouldn’t sleep well if I drove home – fear of not waking up on time –  and I didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances.

Ample opportunity to work out, right? *snort* Sure.

I was drained from the trial – I was doing very well, but you have to be alert throughout the entire time opposing counsel is talking. I’ve never made as many objections during trial as I did on this one. I don’t think the guy could get two sentences out without me objecting. I wasn’t being obstinate: he was trying to get into evidence all kinds of things that violate the rules of evidence and a few statutes. He’d be directed to rephrase his questions, and then he’d ask the same question.

I didn’t want to work out. I wanted beer.

I went to a local grocery store and bought a beer and some soup. (I will give myself credit for not heading the a nearby restaurant and consuming a 1500-calorie restaurant meal.) I unloaded all of my stuff from the truck, and tried to talk myself into swimming or riding that stationary recumbent bike. (I ran Monday evening, so I couldn’t run Tuesday.) It didn’t work. I don’t enjoy swimming — the only thing I like about it is when it’s over. And riding a stationary bike makes me sad. I’d just be sadder if I rode it. I ended up eating my soup, drinking my beer, and playing on the computer.

Oh, and I worked on the closing argument I’d written at lunch.

Tomorrow is the 10K. My legs should be well rested, because I haven’t run or done anything physical since Monday. Although I didn’t go crazy with my diet this week, it also wasn’t the best. I haven’t set any goals for this 10K. Most likely, I will stick to my run:walk ratio and just go run. After the HM training, a 10K is kind of weird. It’s not really long enough to qualify as a “long” workout. (The fact that I believe that amazes me — what’s happened to me?) But it’s too long to try intervals. The only other 10K I’ve run – other than training runs – was the last leg of Titanium Man last fall. No matter what happens, I’m sure to PR on this run.

I just signed up for the Multnomah Falls trail run at the end of September, and the Leavenworth half marathon six day later. It might be crazy. We’re planning to camp along Icicle Creek the week between the two races. Multnomah Falls has a 1700′ elevation gain and loss – straight up, straight down – so I think it’s a good last run workout before the half marathon. I’m hopeful we can hike and ride our mountain bikes during that week. It’ll keep the legs fresh and loose.

I still haven’t written out a workout schedule for Bloomsday or Race the River. Bloomsday is just seven weeks away; Race the River is about six weeks after that. I haven’t settled on a strategy. Find a 70.3 triathlon training plan? Use an informal ride twice, run twice, swim twice training plan?

For now, though, I think I will sign off and go take a nap. I’m a little tired, and I know I won’t get enough sleep tonight. A nap would do me good.

Has a nap ever hurt anyone?


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