Chamna Chase HM

Yesterday, I ran the half marathon I’d signed up to run the week before – sort of. I didn’t attempt to follow the course of the Chamna Chase because there were parts of that course I simply didn’t want to run.

I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have a course mapped out, as only a handful of the trails in the Chamna Natural Area are mapped. I had some extra stuff in my car, but that would be it for aid stations. I’m normally faster during races than I am during training; how would I do with no official clock? I’ve done a lot of running on trails, but I’ve never run a trail half marathon: anything would be a PR.  Continue reading


Time for Another First

Earlier this year, I logged my first DNF; next week, I’ll log my first DNS.

Next Saturday is the race I’ve been training for – Chamna Chase HM. It’s on primarily on trails, and it’s flat. Last February, I put my name in as a candidate for delegate to the diocesan convention. I wasn’t elected, and I was the second-runner up. The made me the second alternate. I figured I was safe from being asked to serve, and I signed up for Chamna Chase. Alas, earlier this week I was asked to take the place of another delegate who is recovering from surgery. I agreed. And with some reflection, I’ve decided this is a good thing. Continue reading

12 Hours of Badger

I’m currently training for the Chamna Chase half-marathon; it’ll be held on October 21st. In the interest of letting my knees heal, I’m not running hills. Last Saturday was 12 Hours of Badger. I’ve been tempted to do a 12-hour run, so I decided this was as good a time as any.

12 Hours of Badger is very low-key: no sign-ups, no entry fee — just show up & do your thing. There’s a “base” with food & water and a book in which you are asked to log your laps & final mileage. While I’m only training for 13.1 miles, and because I’m not running hills, I decided I walk it. A low-key 12-hour race is a great chance to try out different gear & nutrition options. I didn’t have a distance goal: my objectives were to go for the full twelve hours, and to learn what I could.

The most important thing I learned is that walking a marathon with 5,000′ of elevation gain and loss when you’re not running hills and you’re training for a half marathon is a really stupid idea. Continue reading