Who Did This to Me? Oh, that was me…

I’m currently in Leavenworth, WA, about a three-hour drive from my home. I’m attending a conference. Many people love Leavenworth. Decades ago, in a bid to improve the struggling mountain village’s chances for survival, the town adopted a Bavarian theme. It’s charming. Years of trying to drive through Leavenworth during my treks from one end of the State to the other – and cursing the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway – have lead me to find it less than charming. The fact that I don’t like German food or hefeweizen only compounds this. Not such a big fan of kitsch, either.

Because I’m already half-way across the State, I’ll be heading over to my parents’ house Friday evening. I hope to do some work around their house. Normally, I do my long runs on the weekend, but this week’s endurance run is eleven miles. If I did that run Saturday morning, I’d likely be too tired to do any work around my parents’ place. I decided to do it while in Leavenworth. Continue reading


The Next HM Looms….

I’ve  learned another valuable lesson.

In twelve days, I’ll be returning to the Multnomah Falls Trail Run. Six days after that, I’ll be running my second half-marathon. Multnomah Falls is about six miles, with 1800′ of elevation gain and loss. (It’s straight up, and then straight back down.) The Leavenworth half-marathon is pretty flat.

So, which is more important: bettering my trail run time, or my HM time? Continue reading