Ready for Bloomsday! (or is “?” more appropriate?)

The fortieth Bloomsday is this coming Sunday. It’ll be my third. After completing the last two, I’ve proclaimed “Next year I will be twenty pounds lighter and twenty minutes faster!” Perhaps that will happen with the forty-first Bloomsday… Continue reading


Lessons Learned

I have an unfortunate history crashing my bike when the rear quick release comes out of the dropouts. I’ve learned that I absolutely, positively, need to double-check the QR anytime I’ve taken off the rear wheel. It only took me several embarrassing crashes while crossing major thoroughfares (Argent Road, A Street, Court Street) to figure out this important bike safety tip. Continue reading

You Gotta Be Smart Enough to Know When You’re Whooped

Today’s run workout was supposed to be a 4-mile run with 15 minute “tempo step ups.” I’ve never really understood what that means. With a one-mile warm-up and cool-down, that leaves two miles. Fifteen minutes of a relatively fast pace is more than a mile. I think today is the day I decided to give up on that workout – in the future, when it shows up on the schedule, I’ll do cadence intervals or hills. Continue reading

Ah, Spring

I rode my bike home from work today. I may not be the wisest choice. We’re heading out of town this weekend, and I want to leave in the mid-afternoon tomorrow — I could have spent the extra time getting ready. But I haven’t ridden in a few weeks, and it was the warmest day we’ve had this spring, and there wasn’t much wind. I had to ride! Continue reading