Day Three: Uphill Sprint

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2-mile recovery pace (16:00-17:30/mile) warm up, 1 30-second sprint uphill, 2-mile recovery pace cool down.

I debated whether it’s a good idea to be doing warm ups on a hill with elevation gain, but it’s not as if I’ll ever be racing on a flat trail. The access road up Badger is probably also my best spot for uphill sprints. I’ll use this route again.

The wildflowers are blooming. Badger is the only place I’ve seen purple sage. This picture lined up perfectly: Candy, Red, and Rattlesnake Mountains all in a row behind the blooming sage.


Arid Ecology Reserve Hike

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We average about 8″ of precipitation a year, and we rarely get gully-washers. From the looks of it, this area had a flood this past week. The water would have been 10-12′ wide and 1-2′ deep in places. This picture would have been a waterfall. (The rock wall is at least 8′ high.) I would have loved to have seen it.

Gold Creek Pond Loop

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I took a brief break from my drive home to stretch my legs. I’m not sure if I’ve been here before. The lake is a lovely blue, most likely because it’s fairly deep. (The pond was created by equipment scooping out gravel for use in constructing I-90.) It’s largely undisturbed, as humans and their canine companions are not allowed in water. I imagine that makes it a haven for local fauna.

Hike to Hidden Lake

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I wanted to see if this lake is “fishable.” I wish I’d brought my gear! It’s a short, easy hike, and although I imagine this lake is crowded on summer weekends there are quite a few campsites around the lake. (And if there aren’t any, you’re not far from the trailhead.)

Twilight 12 Hour

I went into this night with the primary goal of running (or at least staying in motion) through the night. The loop is 2.3 miles and has about 350′ of elevation gain and loss. I had a secondary goal of running 15 loops – 55K/34.5 miles. It seemed pretty ‘do-able,’ but I underestimated the impact the elevation gain & loss would have.

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