Another Adventure Begins

Last Saturday’s Kim’s Bad Knee 5K was lots of fun. My initial plan was to take three weeks off from running to work on core strength & other fitness workouts, and then to start training for the Deception Pass Half Marathon using the 10-week training plan I’ve used for the other HM I’ve run. For some inexplicable reason, I started looking at other training plans; I ended up being enticed by a 16-week ‘intermediate’ plan, and I added it to my calendar.

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New Project

I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday to purchase a bullet journal. Yes, a person who detests the mall went to a mall the first Sunday of December on her own impulse. Fortunately, it was both brief and not-terrible. Yes, the person who’s a late-adopter and generally scoffs at any trend she reads about on PureWow decided she needed a bullet journal. No, the world has not come completely undone: I still don’t like quinoa or kale unless it’s simmer in animal fat. Continue reading