Still Sick

This illness started last Monday afternoon. At first, I thought it was an allergy attack. Because I already felt like I was drowning, I decided to skip Monday’s swim workout. By midnight, I knew it was a cold, not allergies. And now, a week later, I’m still sick.

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Bloomsday Thoughts

This will be a brief entry. I’m using the¬†touch screen keyboard on the Surface, and it frequently frustrates me.

My time for Bloomsday was better than last year, but still over 1:40. I felt good through most of it, but after mile six, my glutes were tired. I walked a lot.

Next year, I need to decide to train specifically for Bloomsday, walk it, or just treat it as a long workout and accept whatever time I get. Clearly, if I’m in good enough condition to run the Badger Mountain Challenge 50K, I should be in good enough condition to run Bloomsday.

More later…