BMC50K Training, Day 20

I’m writing this as I eat a leisurely breakfast. My scheduled workout for today is a 5-mile easy run, with the note that it’s okay to walk or hike. My original plan was to get up and do the run/walk first thing in the morning. I slept until about 7:15 – what bliss! – and I can already tell the workout is going to be pushed to the afternoon or evening. Continue reading


BMC50K Training, Day 17

The past two days, I’ve woken up 5:00-5:30 to get in my workout prior to going to the office. As usual, I started off the week a little short on sleep; I didn’t get quite enough sleep Sunday of Monday nights, either. Today’s scheduled workout is a 50-minute non-running cardio session. I intend to go to a spin class at the Court Club tonight. That meant I didn’t need to get up early. I cannot describe how giddy the thought of not getting up early made me.

And then I woke up at 5:45 a.m. Oh well ~ it was fun while it lasted! Continue reading

BMC50K Training, Day 13

Today’s workout was a 6-9 mile trail run. I’ve decided that on my weekend trail runs, I’m going to ignore pace during the first run. (Starting next week, I’ll be doing two runs every weekend.) I set the Garmin to tell me how far I’d gone and what my heart rate is; other than that, I’ll just run. Because the BMC50K has a cut-off time, pace is important. But right now, I want to be working on foot work on the descents and power-hiking on the steep climbs. I can work on my pace during the shorter runs during the week. Once I start doing back-to-back long runs on the weekend, I may keep an eye on pace just to ensure I’m pushing myself during those sucky, “my legs are tired and I’m dying” moments on the second day’s run.  Continue reading

BMC50K Training – Day Six

Day 5 was a 3-mile easy run. My “easy” pace is about the same as my “steady” pace – 13:00-14:00/mile. Rather than try to run slower than that, I decided to walk. When I find that my steady pace is around 12:00/mile, I’ll run on my easy runs.

This morning, some folks with the Nomad Trail Runners met and ran Candy Mountain to check out the new trail. They’re all much faster than me – their recovery pace is faster than my fast pace – so I had no illusions I’d be running with them. Sure enough, at the very start, they all took off running. (I start pretty much every run workout by walking to warm up.) Continue reading