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Because there’s more to life than obsessively discussing my workouts.12/3/18: A New Project

I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday to purchase a bullet journal. Yes, a person who detests the mall went to a mall the first Sunday of December on her own impulse. Fortunately, it was both brief and not-terrible. Yes, the person who’s a late-adopter and generally scoffs at any trend she reads about on lifestyle websites decided she needed a bullet journal. No, the world has not come completely undone: I still don’t like quinoa or kale unless it’s simmer in animal fat.

I decided that I needed a bullet journal and that I needed it yesterday because yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent. For those of us who follow a liturgical tradition, yesterday was the first day of the church year. It seemed like a perfect time to start something new. No, I still do not make new years resolutions because I still believe if one wants to change one should do it immediately rather than tying the change to a particular date.

Why the bullet journal? Well, I’d like to get into the habit of making daily lists and some of the things on that list are things I want to become regular habits. I’m hopeful that if it’s written down, I’ll feel more of a sense of urgency to complete the task. And truth be told, I’ve become quite forgetful: it’s one thing to forget to do the things I don’t want to do, but forgetting to do things that I want to do is maddening. Thus, there will be lists.

While at B&N, I saw the book pictured below. I immediately wanted to buy it. I told myself no, that starting the bullet journal was enough change for one week, and I put it back. And then I picked it up again. And then I put it back. On my third trip to its book shelf, I picked it up and bought it. I don’t have a plan to strictly do this on a daily basis, but I think it’ll be fun. And because it’ll be easier to ‘write’ the answers by typing them out than scribbling them in the book, I’ll be doing the writing here. Without further ado, here are today’s Tiny Things to Write About:

Write yesterday’s fortune cookie. It got everything wrong.

Now is the time to embrace stillness and silence.

Write last year’s fortune cookie. It got everything right. (NB: I’m using 2018, as I cannot recall enough about 2017 to write its fortune cookie fortune.)

Adventure awaits, but you must seek it out yourself


Today’s topics:

Summarize Shakespeare’s Hamlet in a tweet, 140 characters or fewer.

Weirded out that my uncle killed my dad & married my mom. Can’t talk to GF about it. My friends are dead. Worst spring break ever.

Now tweet the plot of the original Star Wars.

Uncle bought some droids. I met guy who knew my dad. Hung out in a swamp w/ a muppet. Saved the galaxy from total domination. Good times.

Tweet the story of your life.

Born. Had happy times. Did some self-destructive stuff. Decided life’s better when I like myself. Rode my bike & ran a lot.

Tweet your day, thus far.

OMG someone brought in cookies. These cookies are gunna be the death of me.