Planning… scheming… plotting…

Nothing nefarious is afoot, I promise.

This past weekend, I attended training to be a coach with Girls on the Run. I’ll be coaching the older girls, so I’m a Heart & Sole coach, but the program is essential the same. I’ll admit to feeling a little overwhelmed and questioning what I’ve gotten myself into. It doesn’t help that I’ve spent the last week putting my training schedule for the Badger Mountain Challenge 50K into my Training Peaks calendar. Ay yi yi! How is all this stuff gonna fit? Continue reading


I’m a Dirty Rat!

Wow – not sure how, but this blog post has been languishing in the “Drafts” files for several months now. It’s incomplete, but I’m going to leave it as is; there’s no way I can finish that thought that trails off at the end.

And I have the finisher’s medal to prove it.

Yesterday was the Dirty Rat Trail Run. It wasn’t really a trail: the run started in Prosser, and the first section & last sections – it’s an out & back – are on pavement. That’s about a mile, and then the road turns skyward. The road is a dusty gravel road leading up into Horse Heaven Hills. The views were worth the climb! Continue reading

I Ran!

Yesterday was the CFF Cycle for Life. There’s more on that topic further along in this post, if you’re interested. Short version: opted out of the last 19 miles, so I rode about 48 miles plus the 6 miles to ride to the staging area. I wanted to save my legs for today. I decided to not set an alarm this morning. If I needed the sleep, I’d sleep, even if that meant pushing my run into the heat of the day.

I woke up a little before six. I guess that means I chose wisely! Continue reading

An Insight about Sacrifice

I’m leaning strongly toward running the Badger Mountain Challenge 50K next year. Sign-ups open in November, and by then I’ll know if I’m prepared and willing to do the work to train for that kind of event.

The past two days, I felt a twinge in my right hip. Monday, I stretched it at lunch. That made it feel better for the rest of the day, but I felt it again in the evening. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to ride to work this morning. I did – with no trouble, even – but this was a warning.

Continue reading