Chamna Run

This run was fun. There were moments I felt fluid & fast. I’m trying to make up fitness I lost over the past five months. Running has felt like a workout — at times it felt like punishment — so this was a huge emotional boost.

Chamna Run

I finally got out for a run. I pushed myself a bit, and it felt good. #beatyesterday #garmin

Hiking Section J

I’ve delayed writing this blog, and I’m not entirely sure why. It’s been ten days, and I still haven’t completely sorted out my feelings. Relief & a sense of accomplishment at completing what I couldn’t do last year. Discomfort with being out of shape & some of the stupid mistakes I made. Disappointment the weather preventing me from seeing some of the amazing views this section has. Reluctance to admit how often it was hard or sucky or just not fun.

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