BMC50K Training, Week 16 Recap

It sucked.

To start, I felt “off” most of the week. I chalked it up to a variety of reasons, the first being tiredness. I arrived home much later than anticipated last Sunday evening, which cut a few hours off my time in bed that night. Tuesday’s run was difficult, even though it was an easy run. I taught a class Tuesday night, which again cut into my sleep. Wednesday, I felt downright maudlin. Continue reading


BMC50K Training: Week 13

We’re having an interesting winter here. This area is a shrub steppe; weather-wise, it’s similar to a high desert. Our summers are hot, our winters are cold, it’s dry — we average about 8″ of precipitation each year — and it tends to be windy. Going into this winter, the weather prediction model suggested higher-than-average amounts of precipitation. Thus far, we’ve had a very snowy winter. Continue reading

2016 Recap, and Welcome, 2017

Happy New Year. I’m happy to see 2016 behind me. Usually I can pick out the good and focus on it, but 2016 made that difficult. When asked, the best memory of 2016 I could point out was my exhilaration at seeing Hillary Rodham Clinton earn the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. (I didn’t think I’d live long enough to see a black man elected president; a woman president seemed completely out of reach.) It was a lovely feeling, while it lasted. I watched Mr. Trump do everything he could to derail his own campaign, and I was certain HRC would win. While 2016 had a lot of awfulness in it, the last two months cemented its place in my history. Here’s hoping it’s the last awful year for a very long time. Continue reading