Intermittent Fasting

I’m normally loathe to talk about dieting because I figure no one’s particularly interested. But I’m going to make an exception today because I’m feeling pretty good about what’s going on and I hope writing about it will keep that moving forward.

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December Plank Challenge

In the hope of regaining some core strength prior to starting training for Millersylvania 50K, I challenged myself to plank five minutes a day every day in December. I cannot hold a plank for five straight minutes, so I’m doing it as long as I can hold good form, and as many times as necessary during the day to get to five minutes.

This is hard, y’all! I’ve also learned it’s not a great idea to try planking after drinking a couple glasses of wine. 😹

This was day two, and I think I could feel a little soreness in my core after just one day. That’s encouraging! Thursday will likely be a tough day as I’ll be going straight from court to driving my mom to Harborview, then heading home. I may be getting home late. Maybe I’ll bust out some planks in the neuroscience waiting room. 😉

Spinning in Circles

I’m having a confusing bout of doing everything I can to mess up my efforts to prepare for training for an ultra next summer. I’m not sure what’s going on in my head because I usually don’t get stuck in self-defeating behavior patterns for this wrong. I’m hopeful that if I write about it, it’ll help get my head in a better, healthier place.

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Hiking Section J

I’ve delayed writing this blog, and I’m not entirely sure why. It’s been ten days, and I still haven’t completely sorted out my feelings. Relief & a sense of accomplishment at completing what I couldn’t do last year. Discomfort with being out of shape & some of the stupid mistakes I made. Disappointment the weather preventing me from seeing some of the amazing views this section has. Reluctance to admit how often it was hard or sucky or just not fun.

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