Relentless Forward Progress

I’ve been hesitant to write these words, as I have an outsized fear of jinxing myself: I’m making progress!

After Badger Mountain Challenge 50K, I told myself I’d take a break from racing to give myself the chance to focus on strength training, core strength, and possibly even lose some weight. And then came the knee issues. And then I needed to get ready to ride the CFF Cycle for Life. And then I ran out of excuses. 😉 Continue reading


Still Here, Lurking in the Background

I haven’t posted in a while because there just hasn’t been much to talk about. A few weeks ago, wildfire smoke from around the area moved into the Tri-Cities. Both air quality and visibility suffered. (At its worst, I think our visibility was down to not much more than a half-mile.) From my office window, I can see the wind turbines on Jump Off Joe; that’s about nine miles south of here as the crow flies. Until the air cleared, at best I could barely make out the ridgeline. Our temperatures were also in the triple-digits. This is the environment in which I started running again. Continue reading

Canada Day Camping Trip

I’d returned home Thursday because I had an appointment with the orthopedist Friday morning. Good news: it’s not arthritis. The MRI revealed three things “wrong” with my knee. Two of them are asymptomatic and I can ignore them. The third is some cartilage damage. It’s more of an abrasion than a tear. The doc would prefer I not run, but I can run. I pledged to start off easy, to stay off asphalt, and to monitor the pain. I go back in six months to see how things are going. I have the option of a steroid injection, but we’re going to wait until I need it; in this case, “need” means I can’t deal with the pain and it’s interrupting my life.

With that happy news, I finished packing the truck and returned to our campsite at Owhi campground. Continue reading

June Camping/Hiking Trip, Day Three

I didn’t sleep much that night at Pete Lake. Perhaps it’s time to admit my tired old body can’t handle sleeping on an ensolite foam pad. I have some modifications I’d like to make to my Z Rest pad. If that doesn’t improve my sleep, I may have to pay the weight and cost penalty and start using a heavier but cushier sleeping pad.

I just weighed my old self-inflating pad. The Z Rest weighs a pound. The self-inflating pad weighs seven ounces more. I’ve had the self-inflating pad self-deflate, so I’m not crazy about it. But if it’ll hold air — Jim’s never had his self-deflate — I feel better about making the switch.  Continue reading

June Camping/Hiking Trip, Day Two

Note: portions of this post were written earlier. Those sections were pasted in as written (with the exception of editing for clarity or glaring typographical errors), and they appear as blue.

Things I have said to myself today:
• It uses the sunscreen or it gets the hose.
• God, give me enough sense to know when it’s time to turn around.

I put on the sunscreen, and I had enough sense to know when it was time to turn around.
Continue reading