At Least I Got My Run Workout Done

Me, at 5:15 a.m.: Yay! I woke up early! I’ll go do my run workout.

Me, at 9:00 a.m.: Ohmigawd I’m exhausted. Can I nap now?


New Project

I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday to purchase a bullet journal. Yes, a person who detests the mall went to a mall the first Sunday of December on her own impulse. Fortunately, it was both brief and not-terrible. Yes, the person who’s a late-adopter and generally scoffs at any trend she reads about on PureWow decided she needed a bullet journal. No, the world has not come completely undone: I still don’t like quinoa or kale unless it’s simmer in animal fat. Continue reading

I Hath Decreed This a Recovery Week

This is the week of Thanksgiving. We’ve purchased all the groceries (although I can tell already I’ll need to buy more potatoes). No one is joining us on Thursday; we’re planning to head west to visit family – and deliver leftovers – on Friday. This takes some of the pressure off, but I still have a lot to do this week. I need to make several pies Tuesday evening. Tonight’s NFL game may be a preview of the Super Bowl. I need to fry up sausage and make cornbread for one batch of stuffing. (I do a cornbread stuffing and a white bread stuffing.) Continue reading

Up Early & Taking on the Day!

We’ve just shifted our clocks back to standard time, and at this latitude that means the sun is setting as I’m leaving work. That complicates my workout schedule. It didn’t when I was training for the Badger Mountain Challenge, as I was still willing to run on pavement. Since I’m avoiding pavement as much as possible, I found myself debating what to do. The Hubs really doesn’t want me running alone at Chamna in the dark (I will refrain from telling him that I have in the past). That leaves me with Badger and the 5K cross-country course in Pasco. I’d rather not run Badger unless I’m specifically doing hill work — this crafty gal has included no hill work in her training schedule — and the Pasco 5K course is really soft. That’s okay for cadence workouts but it’d suck for a tempo workout in which I’m trying to maintain a specified pace.  Continue reading

Feeling Strong-ish

Last night was a cadence interval workout, and I nailed it. As in, “damn, girl — you fast!” nailed it. I’ve upped my minimum cadence during the intervals, and over the course of the workout (15 one-minute intervals) I averaged a minimum cadence of 177 spm.

I also think I’ve figured out the course of the Kim’s Bad Knee 5K. This route came in at the perfect distance. I’d like it to be more winding, but I don’t know if I can create a winding route that doesn’t backtrack over previously-trod paths; more importantly, I don’t know if I can re-create that route for the race course. The route I did last night is repeatable, and it’s got a lot of crazy single-track twists. Continue reading