Badger Mountain PR

I ran Badger Mountain on Friday. I had an 8-mile run scheduled for Saturday, but with the weekend The Hubs and I had laid out, I wanted to get the run out of the way so my workout wouldn’t interrupt our plans. I haven’t run Badger in about a month; I think running it once a month is enough to gauge my fitness progress.

After warming up for 10-20 minutes going up hill on Skyline, I switch to a 1:1 run:walk ratio on the uphill, allowing for longer runs where the grade slacks a bit. Going down hill, I normally force myself to walk for a minute every 4-5 minutes. On Friday, I ran the entire way down Canyon (the steepest trail on the mountain). That resulted in my walking the first 8-10 minutes going up Trailhead Loop. It’s not as steep as Canyon, but there are sections where it’s steep enough to make it hard to run (for me). I then ran almost the entire way down Skyline back to the trailhead.

As I approached the junction between Trailhead Loop and Skyline on my way back to the trailhead, I was fairly confident I’d PR on this route. I did! This was my fastest time by almost three & a half minutes. Badger Mountain Run

My legs held up well. I felt some fatigue in my outer quads going back up Trailhead Loop, but that was it. I’m writing this Sunday morning, and my thighs are sore now. I didn’t stretch enough (truth be told, I did almost no stretching – it’s the down side of driving to a run spot) and I skipped a much-needed foam roller session yesterday. I’m only moderately sore, though.

Yesterday, we did our Bloomsday walk. The Hubs walks Bloomsday, so we’re building up to that distance on asphalt. He’s fine walking the 12 km, but walking that distance on asphalt is different than doing it on a trail. We also have hiking plans for the summer. I got a painful lesson last year: being in great shape and running does not mean your body is ready to walk up & down hills carrying 40-pound pack. I decided to do our 6 km walk with a 30-pound pack. I ditched the pack for the last mile, but it was a great workout for my tired legs: nothing strenuous, but it was a different kind of stressor.

I attacked a few sore spots on my thighs with a lacrosse ball last night. That helped a bit, but it’s not a foam roller. Today’s is not looking so good for the foam roller, either. Once I finish up this blog post, it’s time to start getting ready for church. This afternoon, we’re doing a dog transport. We’re driving a rescued dog along part of his journey to a rescue organization. We’ll need to leave here by 12:30 to get to Vantage to pick him up at the scheduled time. We’re driving him to North Bend, where we hill hand him off for the last leg of his journey. The dog transport will take up most of the day, so I just won’t have time for that foam roller torture session. Gosh darn it!

For now, I’m enjoying the slightly stiff, slightly sore legs — they are a gentle reminder of the strength and endurance I’m adding day-by-day, week-by-week, decision-by-decision. Go, me!


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