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I love what the last few  years of training have done for my body. But I still have this belly. My belly deserves to be soft and a little flabby. I’m still over-fat, according to my body-fat percentage scale and every metric out there. And losing forty pounds as you’re nearing fifty makes it more likely your skin will be loose. But I really dislike my belly. I can live with the saddlebags, but I don’t want this belly.

I’ve decided on drastic action. I’m cutting back on processed carbs. I’ve been trying to do this, but it’s not been easy when I’m a scratch baker, and I have a sourdough starter that needs to be fed once a week. (Feeding it involves taking some of it out, which then becomes bread or English muffins or, when we’re short on time, pancakes. Have I mentioned how much I love pancakes?)

I’m also cutting back, drastically, on added sugars.

I’ve only been at this for a few days, but it’s going well. I’ve had a -as in single, solo, one lonely – pancake twice this week. One morning, I had a smoothie sweetened with bananas. This morning, I had fried “rice” made with farro instead of white rice.

It’s helped that I didn’t go out to lunch today, as I usually do on Thursdays. I’ve made the effort to keep my office desk stocked with home-canned beans (no sugar – I made the mistake of eating a can of Bush’s beans for lunch on Monday, and I was shocked how much sugar I ate) and stuff like that.

This weekend, I hope to bake bread, but those will be ‘thank you’ gifts for people who’ve donated to my CFF Cycle for Life ride. I bought myself some whole-grain bread, so there is bread in the fridge, and I promised Jim I’d buy him some croissants from Vinny’s Bakery if I wasn’t going to make pancakes or English muffins (he eats his breakfast on the road, and he’ll wrap a pancake around bacon & eggs).

We’ll also be going out to dinner at some point this weekend, and I’ll probably spend my day’s allotment of processed grains on that meal. I’m hopeful this will make a difference in the way my belly looks.

And if I lose more weight as I approach the decision to sign up for the Badger Mountain Challenge 50K, even better! So long as I maintain strength and endurance, running will be easier if I’m a stone or two lighter.



2 thoughts on “Food Stuff

  1. Thanks for swinging on by & checking out my blog. This is mostly stuff about my training. I find it really helpful to go back and read old blogs, because it’s a reminder of how far I’ve come. I remember how pleased I was the first time I rode my bike to a particular park & back – a trip of twelve flat miles. Or that when I first started bike commuting to my current job, I’d have to stop & take a break during the 8-10 mile trip. It’s easier to stay motivated if I look at how much progress I’ve made instead of stressing about how much more lies ahead.

    I haven’t tried using cauliflower as a substitute for anything. I keep reading about it, and I’m curious because I really like cauliflower. I find I’m usually disappointed in foods that are supposed to be substitutes for something else, especially if it’s something I really love. And I really love white rice.

    I’ve bought cauliflower with the intent of trying one of those recipes, and then I just eat it as itself.

    Can you tell I’m something of a grump when it comes to food trends? 😀 I get passionate about food. If it’s a healthy version of something that’s usually regarded as “unhealthy,” or a homemade version of something people don’t usually associate with homemade, I can get downright gushy. But try to convince me that kale or quinoa belongs in everything from an omelet to cheesecake and I turn into one of the stone statutes on Easter Island.


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