Surviving Recovery Weeks

A week & a half ago, I finally realized how wiped I was from training and racing. I told myself I’d take a two weeks off from training. Since my next event was the CFF Cycle for Life on August 13th, I’d do nothing but ride my bike.

So, ten days in, how am I doing? Not bad! I went for a ride the next day with my only goal being to ride 2-3 hours. I rode two hours at about a 12.5 mph pace. I didn’t ride at all during the work week. Sunday, I headed out with a planned 48-mile route that included a climb up Clodfelter (my first attempt). Unfortunately, I didn’t get on the road until 4 p.m., and the wind in the Horse Heaven Hills was stout. I made it almost to the top of Clodfelter (where it meets Locust Grove) when I decided to re-think my route.

It wasn’t just the hill. My planned route was east on Locust Grove, all the way into Finley, and then home via the Cable Bridge. I hadn’t emptied one water bottle, but I knew then entire route along Locust Grove/Hwy 397 had no where to refill a bottle. I didn’t want to risk running out of water while I’m trying to recover.

I headed back down Clodfelter, east on 10th to Washington, then onto the bike path at Clover Island. I ended up with a 30-mile ride at 12 mph. (It’s worth noting that there’s a five-minute period coming down Clodfelter during which I did not pedal. I wasn’t trying for a particular pace.) I’m not troubled by the slow pace, given the nearly 1400′ elevation gain and the fact I battled the wind for part of the ride.

I felt like I hadn’t eaten enough on Sunday, but I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t even wake in the middle of the night to snack. (If I haven’t eaten enough during the day, I will wake up hungry and not be able to get back to sleep unless I eat.) But I made up for it Monday – I was hungry all day long.

I rode my bike home Monday evening and back into work this morning. My legs are tired, but not sore. I intend to ride home again this evening and then to work Wednesday morning. I’m trying to ride as leisurely as possible during these rides. I’ve volunteered to help mark the course Friday, so I won’t ride Wednesday evening or Thursday.

I’d like to ride the 65-mile route for the Cycle for Life, but my longest ride this year has only been around 30 miles. It all depends on how my body feels. The climb up Clodfelter was a good workout, so I’m prepared for the hills on Saturday’s ride. (I will NOT be riding the Weber Canyon option … unless Jake & Dan goad me into it.) It’s more likely I will ride the Benton City loop and then skip the last 20 miles.

I still have a lot of fundraising to do for the ride, but other than that, I’m ready. *fingers crossed*


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