Sooo Tired

I didn’t sleep much last night. I’d planned to get in a strength workout before court this morning, but I got very little sleep. On the plus side? I should sleep really well tonight. I’ve  been buying decaffeinated coffee exclusively for the last several months. About a month ago, I drank several large glasses of iced tea at lunch. I had great difficulty getting to sleep that evening. After that, I decided no caffeine of any kind after 11 a.m.

Yesterday, my legal assistant bought me a coffee. I drank it around 10 a.m. Because I didn’t sleep last night, I fear that caffeine was the culprit. This leads me to conclude I shouldn’t consume any caffeinated coffee, ever, and limit my tea to the mid-morning.

Because I’m tired, my self-control is weak. I stopped at Vinny’s to pick up lunch and bought something called “Mariachi fries.” Think “Mexican poutine”: fries topped with shredded adobada,nacho cheese sauce, avocado, sour cream. Death on a plate. I’m pleased I didn’t buy a donut at Vinny’s, but I did succumb to a Rice Krispie treat at the office.

Perhaps tomorrow  I’ll get that workout in.


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