BMC50K Training – Day One

After a week of doing nothing, my 24-week training for Badger Mountain Challenge 50K began yesterday. Simple day: 3-mile steady run, and a core workout. I woke up at 5:15 so that I could do the run before work — despite not getting much sleep. I’m glad I did, because getting the workout done early really makes for a better day (for me).

The core workout I’m using is a hip and core workout I found at WOW. I know I have a fairly weak core. Surely, it’s a contributing factor to my back & ITB woes. But like a lot of folks, I have a hard time squeezing in yet another workout into my day. I’ve frequently started up doing a core workout, but I don’t stick with it. However, a strong core & glutes and flexible hips give me my best chance to survive this training program without injury. The core workout is no longer an afterthought; it’s written in to my calendar.

I managed to do one repetition of each of these moves, rather than the 3-4 the program calls for. It took me twenty minutes. In other words, the entire workout would have taken me an hour. If I did an hour-long core workout, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed the next morning. Yes, my core is that weak.

It’s now Tuesday morning – Day 2 – and my right glute is tweaky. I’m glad I didn’t try to force my way through the entire workout. (My form would have been terrible if I had, so it would have been pointless and I probably would have hurt myself.) On the plus side, I’m starting off so low on the bar that I should be able to make significant gains relatively quickly.

Today’s workout is a 45-minute cardio session. I’m planning to ride my bike home – it’s been entirely too long since I’ve been on a bike!


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