BMC50K Training, Day 4

Today’s workouts: a 5-mile run at a steady pace, and a core workout.

I got up early enough to do the run before court this morning. I finished those five miles before dawn, and got rained on the entire time. No complaints, though: rain is always a treat here.

I’ll do the core workout tonight after work. It occurred to me this afternoon that I’m not feeling the DOMS I was feeling the day after Monday’s core workout. That’s excellent. It means I worked enough to stress my muscles and make them stronger, but not some much that I’d be sore several days later. Today, I’ll do one complete circuit, and perhaps add in planks & side planks. In time, I will be able to do two circuits.

Tomorrow is a 3-mile easy run. I’m planning to walk it. My easy pace and my steady pace are pretty much the same. While increasing speed is not a primary goal, I expect to get faster as I train. At some point, my steady pace will be fast enough that I’ll be able to come up with an easy pace, too.


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