BMC50K Training – Day 7

And on the seventh day, she rested. I let myself sleep in a bit. I woke at six, but went back to sleep until close to eight. I hope that doesn’t make it difficult to sleep tonight.

After yesterday’s wipe-out, my knees are a little achy. The left one looks swollen and it’s a little bruised. Last night, I was concerned because the pain was behind my knee, and the felt stiff. I usually avoid ibuprofen, but this is the type of circumstance in which ibu is appropriate. The knee felt a little better this morning, and I’ve taken it a couple of times today. I’ll probably take it tomorrow morning, too, just to be safe.

Even prior to taking the ibu, my quads felt pretty good. They were a little sore, but minimally. Candy Mountain was about a 1150′ elevation gain & loss, compared to Multnomah Falls’ 1550′. I’m hopeful my legs are a little stronger. I’m going to need that!

Tomorrow, I plan to get up early enough to do a 3-4 mile run. A core & hip workout is on the calendar, too. I wasn’t sore after last Thursday’s workout – I was either sand-bagging that workout, or I need to amp it up a little bit. I’m hoping I’m already getting stronger and that I need to amp it up a little bit.

Yesterday, we say the “Native Caught Fish” sign up, and headed to Columbia Point. We bought a whole coho. The sellers offered up the head & bones of a fish they’d filleted for a customer. I gladly said yes. We cut the whole fish into steaks and fileted the tail; I vacuum-sealed them and froze them. The two heads & bones went into a pot, where I cooked them on very low heat for a few hours. Both carcasses had a lot of meat on them, and I’ve read the heads are full of meat, too. Later tonight, I’ll strip the meat off the bones. I’m not sure if I’m going to just can everything today and make it into fish stew later, or if I’ll have time to make the stew tonight. I have a batch of English muffins that need to be cooked, and that’s time-consuming as I have to keep an eye on them. Jim is also making beef stew, and we’re planning to have steaks for dinner tonight. We have a bounty at our hands!

I also made up a batch of snack bites. I didn’t have brown rice syrup, so I made them with honey. I considered using maple syrup, but since honey solidifies when it gets cold and maple syrup doesn’t, I feared the syrup wouldn’t hold the bars together as well. The bars are good, but they’re too sticky and they taste very honey-y. Clearly, brown rice syrup needs to go onto the shopping list.

I’m looking forward to the next week of training.




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