BMC50K Training – Day 11

I’m pretty stoked.

This morning’s workout was a 5-mile run at “steady” pace. I decided to try to push myself. Here are my splits: Mile 1: 13:28; Mile 2: 12:06; Mile 3: 11:47; Mile 4: 11:54; Mile 5: 12:04. Average pace for the five miles: 12:18. That’s impressive, considering I’ve been plodding along at my 13:30-ish half-marathon pace. Clearly, I do have a steady pace and an easy pace.

I did the core & hip workout tonight. I switched out the contralateral raises for a 30-second high plank. I need to get better at a basic plank before I start adding the contralateral raises. With that change, I did two complete circuits. I hope this means I’m getting stronger.

Tomorrow’s workout is a 4-mile run as easy pace. The workout schedule says it’s okay to walk or hike instead. I’m torn. I want to go out & try an “easy pace” run. I think I can, because I walked the easy-pace run earlier this week. But it’s also a nice opportunity to go for a hike. I may take advantage of the “leniency” in the training calendar and sleep in, and then go for a hike or trail run in Zintel Canyon in the afternoon.


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