BMC50K Training: Day 133- New Shoes!

My run last weekend made me realize it was time for new trail runners. My original Lone Peaks only have a little over 200 miles on them, but since the foot didn’t bother me during ten miles the next day wearing different shoes, I knew it was time for shoes.I have a new pair of Lone Peaks. I told the salesperson I wanted Lone Peaks. He suggested I try on a few others just to see how they’d work. They didn’t. One pair was uncomfortable as soon as I put them on; the other felt too tight once I started walking around. The Lone Peaks, however, were perfect.

New Lone Peaks, ready for the mud



Today was cool but sunny. I headed to Chamna, hopeful the snow was melted out. It wasn’t. I ran on snow, saturated ground, in mud, and in puddles. At times, it was a combination of those conditions. I would be running on snow, feeling the ice cracking under my feet, and occasionally my foot would break through the ice into the puddle below.

It wasn’t as muddy as last Saturday’s run, but I ended up going sideways a few times.

That’s muddy!

Because of the conditions, I decided four miles was long enough. (The calendar said five.) I wasn’t able to maintain my steady pace, so I did my best. Tomorrow’s run is supposed to be twenty-two miles. I’m heading to Candy & Red, and we’ll see how the trail conditions are. I’m not sure which is more important – miles or elevation?

So here’s how my new shoes looked by the end of the run.

Not so pretty now

I hope to get more sleep tonight, but I have to be up at six to meet the Nomads. I may even treat myself to a cup of regular coffee when I pick up my bagels for the run.




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