Must. Fight. Off. Sloth.

It’s a dozen days after I DNF’d the Badger Mountain Challenge 55K. I knew I’d want to take time to recover, but I’m not liking the way my body feels right now. The first week, I walked most days the first week. I made it a point to get up from my desk at least once an hour and walk to the breakroom and back. I went on a short – but very fun – mountain bike ride the Friday after BMC. I got off to a good start on my recovery.

But the month before BMC55K, I was putting off things around the house that really needed to get done; the most important of these tasks is our income tax return. And because I hadn’t been updating Quicken as frequently as I should, I needed get our books squared away before I attempted our taxes. Taxes are due in less than two weeks, so I could no longer ignore this beast. I’ve spent several nights this week getting Quicken up to date and I’m mostly ready to start working on our taxes.

My left knee has been bugging me most of the week. I’m taking a steady dose of ibuprofen in hopes it’ll get me started on healing it. I tried an easy run last Saturday, but when the knee started to hurt a few miles in, I switched to walking. Unfortunately, I’ve done nothing since.

I slept really well the first week after the race, but now I’m not; I imagine this has to do with my relative sloth. I thought about getting up early to swim this morning, but I didn’t get to sleep until after eleven. I slept in instead.

I’m planning to go for an easy run this evening. I’ve got to get moving! I will probably go to the club for a short swim tomorrow after work, and on Saturday I plan to take my road bike out for a ride. I thought of riding my bike home from work one night this week, but I don’t want my first road ride in months to be in traffic and on my commute home: better to work the kinks out on a weekend.

I have some pressing stuff to get done. I’m going to my parents’ Easter Weekend. I’ll bring the truck, so I can haul things to the dump. The bed of my truck is still full of stuff I brought home from my last visit. Clearly, I need to empty the truck bed before I head over there. And of course, I need to have our taxes done by then, too. But I can work in a workout daily and still get that stuff done. I just need to shake off the sloth that’s invading my brain.


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