Day Three

Another roller coaster!

The best thing about spending the night at Trap Pass was not having to climb Trap Pass first thing in the morning. The worst? At 5700′, it was chillier than a lower camp would have been.

Because my matches were wet and it’s really difficult to light my stove with my flint, I decided to just pack up and go. I figured I’d stop at Glacier Lake to make coffee, and I ate trail mix for breakfast.

The morning was soggy. Between the intermittent rain and the drenched flora along the trail, it was very wet. I decided against taking the detour to the campsites at Glacier Lake. But then I heard cooking pots clanging. I figured they were either weekenders or thru hikers getting a late start.

These friendly folks gave me both a box of matches and a lighter. Trail magic! I felt like my trip was saved.

The precipitation was demoralizing. It would stop, then drizzle, then pour. I even got hailed on. I chatted with a group of nobos who said it snowed at Piper Pass while they were crossing it. It’s been that kind of day.

I decided I’d stop at Deception Lake at three for a very late cup of coffee, knowing there was a good chance I’d camp for the night. So I did, and it was a wise choice.

First, I discovered my down sleeping bags are damp. I decided that if I don’t sleep well tonight, I’ll consider some bailout options. (It’s possible my body will dry them out.)

And then, my stove failed. Okay, I can take a hint – even if it takes a bunch of them. I give up.

Tomorrow, I head back to US 2. It’s a little over nine miles, and I have to climb Piper Pass again. But I can leave my pack at the trailhead, so even though walking up the highway won’t be fun, at least I’ll be lighter.

I feel defeated, but continuing without a stove and perhaps no way to warm up would be foolhardy. You gotta be smart enough to know when you’re whooped . And I’m clearly whooped.

On the plus side, I no longer need worry about my power cell lasting all week. That means I can play games on my phone as late as I like! 😊


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