Apathy is Not a Great Way to Start Winter

With the exception of a 30-minute session on a hotel elliptical, I haven’t done a workout in ten days. That’s not a terrible break, but it’s ill-advised. I’m just three weeks from the 5K, and I need to be gauging if I’m going to sign up for the Deception Pass HM. Instead, I’ve been a sloth.

Thanksgiving was part of the problem. I needed to bake pies Tuesday of that week, so I spent Monday evening preparing. Then Wednesday evening brought more prep cooking (like cornbread & sausage for one batch of stuffing, and drying out bread for the other batch). And while I’d planned both church & a run on Thursday, neither happened. We spent the weekend with family and driving between family members’ houses, so it was difficult to do much of anything.

It wasn’t just the holiday: we had an air quality warning for nearly two weeks with moderate levels of ozone and particulate matter. At some point, it was too much for my sinuses. They were irritated, and that wore on me. I was also dealing with not getting enough sleep; I was really tired, and if my best sleep came after 3 a.m. getting up early for a run was out of the question.

I’m considering going for an easy run tonight. I think I need something to loosen up my legs and remind myself that I can run. I’m heading to Spokane for a conference tomorrow, so it’d be difficult to squeeze that in. Sunday is looking pretty full, too: church, football, decorating for Christmas.  Perhaps going for an easy run tonight will make it easier for me to also go for a run on Sunday.


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