Things Are Going Well — and that makes me nervous!

The weather has wreaked havoc with my training schedule. This is largely self-inflicted, as I truly detest running on a treadmill and I haven’t mustered the discipline to resume core strength work. The sidewalks in our neighborhood are impassable, and the roads are so slippery that I’m leery of walking on the street. This has kept me from doing pre-work runs or walks.

I’ve taken advantage of the days when my office has closed early because of the weather & I’ve gone out for a run before dark. Last Monday, the office closing early allowed me to do my run in Zintel Canyon – a place I won’t run in the dark & don’t like being in at twilight. The trail was gorgeous because it was covered in snow. It was also very slow going: it took me an hour to do the 2.7 mile loop.

Despite my runs being shorter, my body fat weight is continuing to trend downwards. (I’m down nine pounds of fat since Christmas. This is assuming my old Tanita scale is reliable. Going strictly by body weight, I’m done thirteen pounds.) I’m several pounds heavier than I was a year ago, but this is around the time last year my weight started trending upward. So far this year, I’ve been focusing on my diet, and it shows.

There’s some money on the line, too. I’m doing a DietBet. The goal was to lose 10% of my body weight over six months, and there’s money riding on it. So far, I’ve hit my goals. By the end of June, I should be at about 158 pounds — I don’t think I’ve weighed that little since boot camp. I then have to keep that weight for another month. As we’re approaching summer, it should get easier. It’s encouraging that I’m able to make my goals during the winter, when nature pushes us more toward weight retention than loss.

Another wrinkle: I’ve given up eggs. I had my DNA tested for indications of food sensitivities, and the only thing I had a strong reaction to was egg yolks & egg whites. The “sensitivity” can be expressed as joint pain & inflammation. Because eggs are the only thing I have a strong reaction to, I figured it’d be worth it eliminate them for 28 days and see if my body feels any different, and then try reintroducing them. I love eggs, but if it means less knee pain and possibly reducing other consequences of chronic inflammation, I’ll live without them.

The worst part about giving up eggs is that they’re a great low-calorie, protein-dense food. Hard-boiled eggs are the easiest snack in the world. If I have to give them up long-term, I’m going to have to perfect my chicken jerky. I’ll need something to replace them. And breakfast isn’t going to be the same.

For now, I’ll keep plugging away. This Saturday is the Race Up The Snake. The trail is covered in snow, so I anticipate it’s going to take me a few hours. I’m probably going to go skiing or snowshoeing on Sunday. This’ll be a fat burning weekend!


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