I am NOT Good at Tapering

And this really isn’t tapering!

I’m trying to take it easy this week, hoping to have rested & ready legs come Saturday morning. Lots of sleep. Sticking to my run workouts and walking, nothing else. No swimming at lunch. No bike commutes. No getting up early to swim Thursday morning.

I am not handling this well. I’m genuinely antsy. Fidgety – more so than usual.

Part of this is probably because my 11-mile run went so well that I’m in a hurry to run that half-marathon and get it over with. The rest of it? I am incredible impatient. <insert .gif of me, hands on hips, tapping foot, looking annoyed>

But this week is another chance to focus on one of the most important mantras in endurance sports: Trust your training. Endurance sports require your brain to be completely on-board. (See my previous post about running.) In longer events, it’s your brain that gets you through more so than your body.

Trust your training: Going into the race with a rested and ready body is the most important thing I can do. Swimming and riding my bike are great for cross-training, but this is not the week to focus on those things.

I can go back to being a frenetic ball of chaos next week.


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