T Minus 35 Hours

/me taps foot impatiently

Last night was a four-mile, “easy” run. I definitely had the “easy” part down! As it turns out, my easy pace is a little slower than my endurance pace. 🙄 https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1062569766 

That course has a very soft surface. It’s a local 5 km cross-country running course. Every winter, they ask people to dump their Christmas trees at the site so they can chip them up and lay the chips on the course to keep it soft and to cover the sand. (Almost everything here is sand.) This course was the run course for the duathlon I did a few years ago, and the first 5K was the slowest 5K I’d run at that point. It’s super soft – easy on the joints, but a momentum killer.

It was also getting dark, and even with a headlamp I couldn’t gauge the surface. I was getting all my feedback through my feet.

Tonight, I’m supposed to do a 20-minute jog. I’m going to job around the neighborhood – quick and easy. I have no activity scheduled for Friday. Good thing, too: I’m going to be in Walla Walla all day meeting with victims in a case I’m trying over there; then, I need to rush back to pick up my packet before 5 p.m. Let’s hope a day sitting on my rump is good preparation for a half-marathon.


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