Ah, Spring

I rode my bike home from work today. I may not be the wisest choice. We’re heading out of town this weekend, and I want to leave in the mid-afternoon tomorrow — I could have spent the extra time getting ready. But I haven’t ridden in a few weeks, and it was the warmest day we’ve had this spring, and there wasn’t much wind. I had to ride!

I averaged a little better than 14 mph. That’s not fast by most peoples’ standard, but it is to me, especially in the spring. It felt great. It was warm enough I could skip the tights — it always seems like I’m faster in bare legs — but I wore a long-sleeved jersey.

It’ll be around 40°F when I leave for work tomorrow morning. Chilly, but much nicer than the 27°F of my last morning commute.

This evening a western meadowlark perched on our fence and sang a song for us. I’m not accustomed to seeing them in town – what a treat!


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