Prepping for My Next Race

I’m in the third week of training for Race the River Sprint Tri in July. I have a trail race coming up this weekend – the Sage Rat Run 15K trail run – and although I’m tired right now, I’m feeling ready. Part of me thinks my “feeling ready” is a dangerous delusion. The trail run starts off in Prosser, but it goes straight up – 1000′ straight up – into Horse Heaven Hills. On the plus side, it’s an out & back, meaning that I get to run straight down Horse Heaven Hills, too. It’ll be a challenge — when I registered, I figured I’d be walking up that hill and not even trying to run it — but I think it’ll be fun, too.

I’ve adjusted my training schedule to allow for this crazy race. I did a 30-minute run yesterday. It was nice, because I was able to do it during my lunch break and still make it to court on time. The run was a 1:1 interval, with the harder interval being “medium high.” I think I cheated myself by setting my 910 to a 9:00-12:00/mile pace for “medium high.” Next time, I’ll set it at 9:00-11:00/mile pace to push myself. I think I would have gotten more out of the workout if I’d pushed myself a little harder.

Monday night’s swim workout was supposed to be 2200 yards. My right foot cramped a couple of times – I managed to swim through it and complete the set, though – and I was afraid I was on  the verge of more cramps, so I it it to 2,000 yards. Afterwards, the extensor muscles on the front of my legs were really crampy and bitchy — So much so that I feared I’d have trouble getting out of the pool! Tonight’s swim workout is relatively short – 1200 yards – so I’m hopeful I can escape any leg/foot cramp issues.

Tomorrow’s run is also fairly short. (This is so different from half-marathon training!) It’s 45 minutes, and I hope to do the workout in the morning to leave my afternoon wide open. Friday’s workout is two hours on the bike, and then Saturday is a rest day.

It’s nice to be back into tri training instead of just workout out. I’m glad I’m doing the sprint, because that’s leaving me more time to spend with the bike.

I am still having trouble sleeping, though. I have a sleep deficit that would take a week’s worth of 10-hour sleeps to erase. The good news is that I’m so tired that I’m finally falling asleep instead of lying in bed until midnight, and the past few nights I haven’t woken up at 1 or 2 and then lied awake for an hour or two. But I am still very tired. Tired is okay when it’s coming from intense training, but I’m not doing anything intense. This kind of tired could be preventing me from recovering well. That’s not good.

I’m hopeful to catch up on some sleep in the next few weeks. I can sleep in Saturday, so perhaps I can catch some sleep then. (Last Saturday I volunteered for the Fiasco in Pasco Duathlon, and I had to be at the course at 7:15.) Sunday will be an early wake-up because the race starts at 8:00 a.m. – no sleeping in on Sunday! We’re camping the following weekend, which means I will either sleep a lot or not enough.

Part of my sleepiness may come from my lack of caffeine. It wasn’t a decision I thought about: I ran out of regular coffee and drank just decaf for a few days. Those were foggy days, but I decided the worst of it was probably over and I’d just stick with it. I’m not entirely convinced this is true, but I’m going to stick with the decaf for a while. I’m still getting caffeine from tea and the occasional cup of coffee, so I’m not caffeineless. But I’m still curious how long I last. I’m fairly confident I won’t be willing to face the winter without caffeine.


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