Crawling My Way Back

A week ago yesterday, I went for my first run since the Dirty Rat 15K two weeks earlier. I walked the first mile, slowly ran (ca. 14:00/mile, I think) a mile, then walked the next mile home. I never felt unduly stressed, so I think I did just the right workout. I rode home the next night, and then back in to work the following morning.

I wasn’t trying to complete a structured workout during those sessions: I just needed to get some exercise. I was feeling better, though. On Wednesday’s calendar, I had a 30-minute run. I couldn’t keep my cadence up as high as I’d aimed. I ended up cutting Thursday’s swim workout short because I the pace I was aiming for was too much.

It’s been frustrating, because I really want to improve my fitness this year. But I also know it’s better to let my body ease back in. I don’t want to force myself through these workouts, only to find myself exhausted shortly before the race in July.

I ran Zintel Canyon on Friday. This was supposed to be five miles, but once again, I decided it would be wiser to cut it short. Zintel Canyon Run 6-10 Just as with the canal run on the preceding Sunday, I felt like I got in a good workout without stressing my body too much.

Saturday was a rest day. We were planning to go to the Combine Demolition Derby in Lind, but Jim’s still fighting his way back after getting sick, too. He took on a task in the early afternoon that proved to be too much. It’s probably for the best: we got a fair bit done around the house that afternoon, instead of driving all the way to Lind, drinking cheap beer, and eating fried food.

I went for a ride on Sunday (yesterday). This was the first workout all week that I didn’t sandbag. I did what I set out to do. It was a short workout (about an hour), with short, intense intervals. I got through it just fine.

Tonight, I’m heading back to the pool. I’d love to skip it – I’m tired – but I’m going. I may just skip the workout and swim some laps. Give myself a bit of a break.

The good news is that the two weeks of not working out were not reflected in the scale. I’m staying right around 172-73. My body-fat percentage hasn’t shot up. I managed to eat reasonably healthy while sick — that’s quite an accomplishment for me. This past week, I’ve had some less-than-stellar days, but there have also been a lot of good choices. Yesterday, I was at the church through two coffee hours: my only indulgence was one hard pretzel with a little hummus. I ignored donuts for a couple of days. I’m pleased with that!

I now own a TT bike. I bought a 2009 Felt B2 from a local guy. I took it to Scott’s for a fitting. It mostly fits, but Brian wants to put a longer stem on it to put me in a more comfortable aero position (and potentially not destroy my upper back). Sadly, they didn’t have that part in stock, so I’m waiting for it to arrive.

I’m looking forward to trying out the TT bike. It’s a little intimidating, but I’ve been assured with a few short rides (starting with ten minutes), I’ll adapt. We’ll see how fast I am at Race the River this year! 🙂


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