As I was walking toward the court club yesterday evening, an employee was heading in the opposite direction, presumably out to her vehicle. As she approached me, she exclaimed, “No one looks good in yellow, but somehow, you’ve managed to pull it off. That top looks great on you!”

That right there made to decision to not skip my workout a worthwhile one.

I opted to just swim. I swam ten laps – the Vivoactive thinks I only did nine, but I think it’s deluded – without the snorkel. I kept a slow pace, working on my form & breathing. The tip to take in “sips” of air is really helping.

I swam again today at lunch – seven laps this time. I didn’t use the fins or the snorkel. I opted for the pull buoy and hand paddles. I think the hand paddles make it easier for me to leave my forward hand near the surface while waiting for the trailing hand to come forward. It wasn’t great, but it’s a bit of an improvement.

I also noticed that my nose clip slipped to the tip of my nose while I was swimming. The set me to thinking: this may be a good way to wean myself off the nose clip when the time comes. I could feel water at the opening of my nostril, and it didn’t freak me out.

I also added something else. I tried looking toward the back wall as I breathe. It helped prevent me from rolling my head up so much I was looking at the ceiling. It’s still movement in my neck, and I imagine it may make me less streamlined, but I believe it made breathing a little easier. I intend to ask Kelsey, the lifeguard/kid’s swim instructor who keeps giving me tips & encouragement. (She’s also agreed to be the swimmer for a Titanium Man relay – yay Kelsey!)

I need to make it a habit to swim at lunch any day I’ve got a first appearance. If I keep the swims short, it’s a great chance to use the hand paddles and build strength.


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