BMC50K Training, Day 17

The past two days, I’ve woken up 5:00-5:30 to get in my workout prior to going to the office. As usual, I started off the week a little short on sleep; I didn’t get quite enough sleep Sunday of Monday nights, either. Today’s scheduled workout is a 50-minute non-running cardio session. I intend to go to a spin class at the Court Club tonight. That meant I didn’t need to get up early. I cannot describe how giddy the thought of not getting up early made me.

And then I woke up at 5:45 a.m. Oh well ~ it was fun while it lasted!Sunday was a rest day. Monday’s workout was four miles at an easy pace. I set my run pace at 13:00-15:00/mile, and my walk pace at 15:00-17:00/mile. I then walked the last mile. It worked – my overall pace was 14:34/mile, and my splits were Mile 1 – 14:11/mile; Mile 2 – 14:09/mile, Mile 3 – 14:17/mile, and Mile 4 – 15:38/mile.

Tuesday’s run workout was a 5-mile steady-pace run. Although I ran the same distance & pace last Thursday without any supplemental nutrition, I decided to not risk it this time – especially after last Saturday’s run. I brought along 20 gm of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies. OMG I am in love with these things! Carbs! Sodium! FLAVOR!

I didn’t have any problems during this run except for really, really needing to poop. That feeling hit at about mile four, and that made mile five seem extremely slow. I was slower during this run than I was last Thursday by 0:33 per mile. Not sure what – I anything – to make of that.

I’ve been sneezing a lot recently, so I began to fear that a cold may be looming. I checked my RHR this morning – over the ten minutes, my heart rate averaged 46 bpm. My body temperature was 93.5°F. Clearly, I do not have a cold. I’m more inclined to think it’s the lack of sleep that’s driving my slower pace. I’m not in bad shape, but I could use an extra hour or so of sleep the next few nights.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and because it’s Thursday, I don’t need to get out of bed until 7:15 or so. That makes me Snoopy-doing-his-happy-dance giddy.


Friday’s workout is my first interval workout on this program. It’ll be my afternoon off, so I plan to do the workout after lunch. Saturday’s workout is a 5-mile run at an easy pace, with a note that I can walk or hike. I may suggest to The Hubs that we go for a hike. We’d likely be hiking at 2-3 mph, which is slower than I would, but that might be good for my legs.

Sunday is another trail run, and I’m planning to run Candy Mountain again. This is going to be fun!


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