BMC50K Training, Day 20

I’m writing this as I eat a leisurely breakfast. My scheduled workout for today is a 5-mile easy run, with the note that it’s okay to walk or hike. My original plan was to get up and do the run/walk first thing in the morning. I slept until about 7:15 – what bliss! – and I can already tell the workout is going to be pushed to the afternoon or evening.

We have plans to drop the truck off to have the tires rotated while we head to Job’s Nursery to pick pumpkins and winter squash. (Our efforts to grown them were somewhat lackluster this year.) I imagine we’ll do that once breakfasts are consumed and pants are donned. Jim wants to ponder the next stage of building our shed, and them do that a bit this afternoon.

Yesterday was my first pyramid workout. I set the interval pace at 9:00-12:00/mile. When Garmin told me I was done with the intervals, I was surprised. In retrospect, I could have gone harder. For my next pyramid workout on a flat course, I’ll change that to 9:00-11:30/mile; I’d rather do that than force my body to jog during the rest periods. (I will likely be able to do that as my endurance improves; right now, I want to take is slow.)

Tomorrow I’m running Candy Mountain. I’m really looking forward to it, but I know it’s going to be hard. I’m thinking it’s smart to take it easy and walk today to preserve my legs for tomorrow’s run. I haven’t been on the north side of the mountain yet, but I know it’s steep & sketchy. My plan is to run on the jeep track when I’m relatively fresh, and then run the trail on the way back down on the south side.

How much am I looking forward to this? All week, I’ve been eyeing Candy Mountain. I was tempted to do the workout today instead of waiting until tomorrow. But I know that I’m in no position to start screwing with this training plan by making it harder.


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