BMC50K Training, Day 62

Today’s a rest day. Tomorrow I’m running the Deception Pass 25K. It’s a test race. The race has 3,000′ of elevation gain and loss, but the highest elevation is Goose Rock, only 450′ above sea level. The elevation profile is constant up & downs, rather than BMC’s up up up down down down over & over. The trail is not what I’m used to – narrow, twisty, roots, etc. – but it’ll be good footwork practice.

I’m confident. The race has a six hour cutoff, so I should have no trouble completing it in time. But I’m also nervous. The farthest I’ve ever run is 13 miles, and I’ve never run in the kind of cold damp I’ll feel tomorrow.

But it’s also a race. I’m always a little stronger, a little faster, during a race. I get to test out my nutrition strategy and practice getting enough fluids. (I haven’t been drinking enough because I’m running in cool weather. It’s always easy to remember to drink enough when it’s hot; in fact, I usually drink too much. But I forget when it’s cold.)

I opted to stay at a hotel in Oak Harbor instead of staying at my parents’ tonight. I’m so neurotic before a race. I wouldn’t sleep enough, then I’m be cranky while I was awake. It will be less stressful for me. Staying in a hotel closer to the race and being able to be anti-social prior to the race is easier.

I have plenty of time to get all of my gear together in the morning. I’m hopeful I can get a good night’s sleep and have a great race.


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