M50K Training – Week 4: RECOVERY WEEK!

I’ve spent the week on Whidbey Island. My parents’ house needs to be cleaned out & cleaned up before we put it on the market, and I just don’t get enough done when I come over on the weekends. I decided to come over this week, as it’s a recovery week so my training schedule was pretty light.

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Millersylvania 50K Training: Week 1

I’d call it a good week.

I’m using the same training program I used for the Badger Mountain Challenge, with some adjustments. My overall goal is to be fit enough to complete Millersylvania rather than trying to get a great time. To that end, I’ve given myself permission to mix up the long workouts with other aerobic workouts like snowshoeing & Nordic skiing. The Cascades received a LOT of snow over the past few weeks, so I’m happy to have the ‘freedom’ to go play in the snow if time allows.

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I Miss the Trail

I spent a week hiking a section of the Pacific Crest Trail in September. It was only seven days, but it’s still with me. There hasn’t been a day I’m not transported back to some moment or some place on the trail. I spend idle moments daydreaming about future adventures. I’m already actively planning next year’s adventures. All I want to do is be back on the trail.

I remain in civilization under protest.