Dare I Succumb to Optimism?

I’m not sure to what I should credit this, but knee has been feeling pretty ‘normal’ recently. It’s not 100% pain free, but it’s pretty close. I haven’t been doing the PT because it’s boring & stupid (and PT isn’t going to repair the cartilage). I’ve had difficulty being consistent with the core workouts since my illness in January. Continue reading


Doing Wintery Things

By deciding to train to walk the Snake River Island Hop, I really opened up training: I no longer needed to spend almost all of my training time on running. I figured the goal was cardiovascular & muscular endurance and time on my feet. Thus, I’ve been walking a lot during the week and playing on the weekend. After spending last winter training for the Badger Mountain Challenge 50K, this is much more fun! Continue reading

Chamna Chase HM

Yesterday, I ran the half marathon I’d signed up to run the week before – sort of. I didn’t attempt to follow the course of the Chamna Chase because there were parts of that course I simply didn’t want to run.

I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have a course mapped out, as only a handful of the trails in the Chamna Natural Area are mapped. I had some extra stuff in my car, but that would be it for aid stations. I’m normally faster during races than I am during training; how would I do with no official clock? I’ve done a lot of running on trails, but I’ve never run a trail half marathon: anything would be a PR.  Continue reading