Trail Magic!

Trail Magic is REAL.

Trail magic is what trail angels do. Thru hikers talk a lot about trail angels, because they make the hard work of thru hiking easier. I talked about Barista in an earlier post – that was my first introduction to trail magic on the Pacific Crest Trail. There was trail magic throughout last weekend’s hike.  Continue reading


Day Two

I only managed a little over eight miles today, but that included 2800′ of elevation gain. The day started early, as I woke about a half-hour before dawn. I needed to pee, but it was so cold outside my nest. Continue reading

It’s Almost Here!

If you know me, you probably know that I’m a neurotic over-planner. My solo hike along Section J of Washington’s PCT starts in three days, but I’ve put a lot of thought and planning into this. My pack is almost packed (still need to re-do my first aid kit, still need to buy the last few bits of food for my lunches); now, I just wait.

The waiting is more acute because I’m going to be in Leavenworth Wednesday-Friday for job-related training. I want my bag packed & ready to go tonight, so I can just load it into the truck tomorrow morning and not worry about anything. Continue reading