Ugh. And Ugh.

Race the River Triathlon is in six and half weeks and I’m really half-assing training. The worst part? It’s all self-inflicted. Some of my skipping training has a positive in it – self-care, tending to what needs to be done – but it’s worrying me, nonetheless.

I haven’t run in about four weeks. I have an appointment with an orthopedist next week to check out my knee. I believe I injured it back in February, but I continued training for the Badger Mountain Challenge. Both knees were on fire after the turn-around point in that race. I spent the next four weeks doing a lot of walking and short runs. I thought my knee was fine. Continue reading

Race the River Training Takes Off!

…like a meandering herd of grazing sheep.

Yesterday was the start of training. I’m using the same training plan I used – and widely complained about – last year. It’s free, it (mostly) automatically loads onto my Training Peaks and Outlook calendars, and I already know when it’s ugly and stupid. I say “mostly” because the swim workouts show up as notes, rather than workouts. And one of the ugly and stupid parts of it is the fact that the workouts on Garmin cannot be sent to a Garmin device. I have to re-create the workout and then load it. On the plus side, that means I am creating my own workout. Continue reading

The Doldrums are about to End

I have a lot of yard work to do this weekend, and I want to bake, and the house really needs tending. But I also need to get in bike ride. I’m still a little timid after the mishap last ride,* but I know I can address that issue and I also know I must get back on the bike.

* I checked the quick release lever on the back wheel. Because I couldn’t close it, I loosened it by a quarter of a turn. I should have found a lever to use. While trying to get going after my first stop, the rear wheel came out of the drop out and I fell over, skinning my knee and elbow. It sucked, but I know I need to tighten the QR – even if it means I can’t get it open myself.  Continue reading

Must. Fight. Off. Sloth.

It’s a dozen days after I DNF’d the Badger Mountain Challenge 55K. I knew I’d want to take time to recover, but I’m not liking the way my body feels right now. The first week, I walked most days the first week. I made it a point to get up from my desk at least once an hour and walk to the breakroom and back. I went on a short – but very fun – mountain bike ride the Friday after BMC. I got off to a good start on my recovery. Continue reading