Jeep Trails “Run”

Yay! Another slow, snowy not-run. It was mostly snowy, partially muddy, and even if I’d run it I wouldn’t have been much faster. My friend Julie was walking, so I hung out with her & we swapped stories for a few hours. All in all, a great workout!


Attempt at Hill Work

Thursday’s workout was supposed to be 1K intervals at my half-marathon pace. Because the HM I’m training for is really hilly I figured I’d switch that to hill work instead, focusing on 1K intervals based on cadence instead of pace.

BA HA HA. Yeah no.

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Race Up The Snake

When I signed up for Race Up the Snake, I knew it wouldn’t be an “A” race. It’s six weeks before the race I’m targeting – the Deception Pass HM – and I was primarily interested in having fun & getting in a good workout. I had Friday afternoon off, so I decided to go pre-“run” the course, but because the race director warned about the snowy conditions I wore my snow boots & walked almost the entire way.

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Things Are Going Well — and that makes me nervous!

The weather has wreaked havoc with my training schedule. This is largely self-inflicted, as I truly detest running on a treadmill and I haven’t mustered the discipline to resume core strength work. The sidewalks in our neighborhood are impassable, and the roads are so slippery that I’m leery of walking on the street. This has kept me from doing pre-work runs or walks.

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